JB Watkins // NEW ORLEANS RESIDENT OF 8 YEARS // Chatanooga, TN Native

“So me being an African American not native to New Orleans, it adds a whole another dynamic to this gentrification thought process... Because historically speaking, most African Americans whose parents have some sort of means, even in neighborhoods like this, are telling kids to get out. And I mean I understand why that is the case... But in terms of how that affects my own personal reality, I think I am doing something on some level that I wish others, if were talking in terms of race, would do as well.”  



Emily Rhodes // NEW ORLEANS RESIDENT OF 6 YEARS // Deerfield, IL Native


“I know that my being here makes other people feel comfortable moving in, which can have a longer term effect… I have this sort of knee-jerk reaction to not like gentrification but then I have to acknowledge that I am a part of it.”