Anne Nelson // NEW ORLEANS RESIDENT OF 4 YEARS // Minneapolis, MN Native

“I get worried that some people will benefit and then property values will just rise and then rather than that creating an environment where everybody’s streets get better everybody’s parks get better, everybody has more jobs that are popping up that are closer to home, it will just be too expensive and then anybody who still needs those opportunities will just leave because they can’t afford to be here. That’s my fear.” 

Velma Smith // NEW ORLEANS RESIDENT OF 59 YEARS // New Orelans Native

“I think gentrification in this area here is off the chain. I do. I really do. I think it’s good to see we got young white people walking around in our community. We got young black people who are really trying to do something with their lives. We got older people who’s trying to get to mingle with the younger black people and the younger white people. And beginning to be neighbors to some.”